Since the inception of his company in 2008, Nishad has been on a mission to empower those around him. With courage as his only investment, he started his company with 12 people - an unforgettable feat that is till date celebrated by families.

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Nishad’s enthusiasm and hard work were well received in the UAE - and the rest is history. He overcame the language barrier and set an example for all those around him - “Nothing is impossible if you have set your mind on it.”
Today, World Star Holding has 14 verticals and is expanding further into the MENA region. Out of the 12 people he employed in the beginning of his journey, 10 are still working with him, showing the magnitude of inspiration Nishad has left on those around him. Regardless of his achievements today, Nishad has not forgotten his struggles in the early stages and the crisis of the past. With a magnificent ideology, he not only ensured that those employed by him kept their jobs, but also ensured that everyone working with World Star was trained to better utilize the time and resources available at hand.

His expertise lies in his ability to maintain his relationship with his employees. A business that started in Sharjah is today well expanded in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. Nishad is in his pursuit of growth - not just for himself but for those around him. As the sole proprietor, he embarked on this mission to create jobs and opportunities for less skilled and uneducated sectors of the society. With his passion of embracing complexities, he has managed to find the solution for the growing UAE market - Skilled Workers. He filled the gap between the demand and the supply by creating a perfect chain of providing the most highly trained workers to the UAE market - he himself ensured that those employed by World Star were sufficiently trained and retrained.

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Fiercely motivated and intensely humble, Nishad is the epitome of a success narrative.

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